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Nutrition & Exercise Journal

If you are a past or current client of mine, you understand the value of making a written commitment on these two things. Putting your plan to paper, as in writing your exercise homework from me (if I didn’t hand it to you), solidifies your intention. It is cause in making you more likely to stick to it.

If you are on a weight management program, you understand the major value of writing on a food log sheet . You understand how seeing it in writing – what you consumed, and jotting your meal plans, helps keep you on track.

There isn’t enough space here for me to emphasize the value of committing to paper what your exercise intention for the week is, nor the value in weight management and well being of putting to paper what you are eating during the week.

Tip for the week: Write it down. Put it on your calendar “take 15 minute walk before work”. You will make time for it this way. Writing in the food log will be a HUGE value and major hindrance to “amnesia eating” and will lead to weight loss.

Take care,