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Services and Rates

Personal training services are available in my private home studio or in your home, whichever you are most comfortable with. Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley area of TX or anywhere via Skype or FaceTime.

The first thing we need to do is assess your physical health and health history. We’ll determine benchmarks for muscle strenth, flexibility and cardio fitness. These benchmarks will help assess your progress and allow us to set goals along your fitness journey. As a nutritionist, I am also available to counsel you regarding your meal planning and nutritional goals.

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Session price at one visit per week: $70.00. (Initial session includes full fitness/nutrition assessment)
Session price at two visits or more per week: $60.00
Session price for two individuals at once: $75.00
Session price varies when I travel to you at your home or facility.
Feel free to inquire!

SEPO Residents Special Discount

Payment Options:
Paypal (I will email you an invoice -fee may apply)


I offer Skype & FaceTime live fitness training sessions:
30 Minute Sessions for $35
60 Minute Sessions for $70
Skype & FaceTime sessions make great gifts too!

Interested in Group Fitness Classes Online?
I offer that too! Contact me to find out about this exciting new way to bring fitness sessions to you anywhere you are at an affordable rate with flexible scheduling.


Fitness Assessment

Before starting any new fitness program, it’s always good to get a fitness assessment. We record your baseline measurements and and conduct a basic interview to determine your fitness level, nutritional requirements and develop a personalized fitness plan based on your current fitness level and goals.

What to expect on your first session? You will fill out a brief health and exercise history, and we will, in the privacy of my studio, just the two of us, do some initial simple exercises so that I can see your current flexibility, where your strengths are, and what areas we should most focus on to give you the most well rounded program that works for you. I do not have any mandatory number of sessions you must pay for up front. I do not do contracts for sessions, nor make you commit to anything! During this initial assessment you will experience my style and plan…and can decide how you want to proceed stress free!

Muscle Strengthening and Toning

Muscle toning and strengthening are a critical part of your health. Improved core strength (back and abdominal muscles) helps improve posture and decrease risk of osteoporosis as we age. This is done through weight and resistance training as well as the use of your body and gravity, and will be designed specifically for you, to improve your muscle strength & tone with methods that work for your body type and preference. One on one fitness training is available in Harlingen, Texas or anywhere in the world remotely using Skype or FaceTime.

This type of strength training is especially important as we age. Staying active keeps your heart strong, your bones dense and your mind active. You are NEVER too old to start a fitness program.

Cardio Aerobic and Endurance Training

What is Cardio Training? Simply put, it is working on the fitness of your heart. How efficiently your heart pumps, how quickly you can recover from an increased heart rate, and how healthy (how fast or slow) your resting (heart rate) pulse is.

Cardiovascular fitness is an important part of any well-rounded fitness program. We’ll discover which form suits you best, whether it’s a treadmill, walking outdoors (don’t forget to take the dog!), bicycling, or any number of other ways to improve your cardio and endurance.

What do I mean by “endurance”? You may be able to do a jumping jack or a short sprint before you become very winded. Or you climb a short set of stairs and need to stop and recover. Improved endurance means you can climb those stairs longer and better. You can play tennis faster and harder without having to stop as often. You can be out in the yard with your kiddos or run with the dog and notice you don’t run out of breath as fast and recover more quickly.

The first thing any doctor does when you go for a visit is to take your blood pressure and your pulse. The more fit you are, the more likely you are to have a healthy blood pressure number and lower healthy resting pulse rate, which means your heart is working more easily and efficiently.

There are a number of ways to accomplish you becoming more heart/cardio fit. We might just walk faster longer, or do little high intensity segments, or exercise using intervals of cardio and body toning segments in a round robin format. There are many ways, suited just for you, to accomplish this most important goal of heart health, all while having fun doing it.

Nutrition Analysis & Weight Loss Counseling

Nutrition is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. I work with you to create a weight loss and weight loss maintenance program designed for your needs. This is not a “quick fix weight loss regime”, but a way to assess your lifestyle and eating habits and create fresh new healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime.

There are too many weight loss programs out there to count, and it is very difficult to figure out all the craziness. The Cleanse Diet, the Grapefruit Diet…The Starve a Day diet….and so on. Check out my “client comments” unedited by me, written as posted by my clients. Trust that I will set you up for success when it comes to incorporating healthy lifestyle changes, in baby steps (or bigger steps if you want..) to make a difference in how you feel and look.

Working out is for fitness. Exercise is for heart health, bone health, muscle health, mood, and on and on. Nutrition is for weight management. You will hear me say this over and over. Do not use exercise only for weight loss, as this is a huge setup for failure! How many times have you worked out really hard to lose weight, only to gain it (and then some) back? Your exercise will become a prison if you fall into that trap.

Nutrition is for weight management (gain, loss, maintenance). Exercise is for feeling good in your skin for a multitude of reasons. The two in combination? That works great….and that is what I can and will do for you, if you want to work on nutrition AND work on your workouts.

Yoga and Flexibility Training

Maintaining good flexibility is important at any age. Using a variety of basic stretching movements you can do at home as well as incorporating resistance bands for variety, you’ll discover an overall improvement to your well-being.

There are many types of yoga all over the world, and I know many of them. I like to focus on effective body toning and strengthening moves, positions people are familiar with and have done in classes. Think you downward facing dog? Wait until you have one on one attention and you will how great that one move can be!

The BIG advantage to my studio, is you are the only student… the only client who I am laying eyes on during your yoga session (unless you want to have a buddy).
So much of yoga is proper form, making what may have seemed like an easy move, or one that didn’t give you the feelings or result to wanted, to one that you will go “wow, THAT is how that is supposed to feel and be done!”. Trust me on this, I’ve seen it over and over.

Yoga can be very effective and done anywhere and anytime. No special clothing is required either. That’s nonsense. Wear what you feel comfortable moving in. The level and type of yoga training we do is that which fits you best, and will meet your yoga and flexibility goals.

Boot Camp Fitness Training

Looking to get in shape quickly? If you’re one of those who prefer a more intense workout routine I offer interval / boot camp fitness training.

If you prefer to work out alone, no problem! If you prefer to have a friend or two workout with you the same time.. no problem! HIIT training, High Intensity Interval Training, also known in my studio as “Boot Camp” can be designed for novice exercisers or most hard core who want their butt kicked so they leave exhausted! Those “bring it” people! There are a few sport specific things we can do to prepare you, if that is your goal.

Most people who do Boot Camp with me like it in small spurts, spread out over their workouts during the week. Perhaps you love jumping rope or jumping jacks or sprints. We can do that! Burpees your thing? I have variations on those I bet you have not done. You would be surprised how many things you can do of high intensity without having to use any equipment. Love equipment? I have it. We can toss weighted balls, balance on BOSUs, lift weights on wobble boards and jump with steps. Everything and anything we do in here is done with proper form and with your safety foremost.

Get just the right level of intensity you prefer, from moderate to intense.

Walking Programs For Health

An often overlooked option for fitness is walking. It’s great exercise, offers a variety of scenery and is easily incorporated into any level of fitness just by changing your speed or the route you choose (flat walking or “take it to the hills”).

Many people come to me and say “I hate running”, thinking that you have to run to be heart healthy. Nothing is further from the truth. With correct posture, active core walking can be just as intense (sometimes more so!) then running. Don’t have a treadmill or a gym membership? No problem. If you have a front door, and a pair of comfy shoes, you are good to go. Once you start, you will not let weather or time of day get in your way. Fresh air is something every human should experience for well being, and this is backed up by science. There is no such thing as bad weather for walking… just bad clothing. Fitness is at your fingertips, and this simple-to-learn move.. .walking, can have a huge impact on your brain, your body and your mood.

I’ll help you incorporate this routine into your lifestyle in ways that make it easy to stick to it. Have a dog? Great! They can benefit from walking with you as you both achieve a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

Plyometric Exercises For Power and Strength Training

Plyometric moves are designed for power and strength in training. They’re a fantastic way to improve bone density and add variety to your fitness program.

Plyometrics, also commonly called “Plyos”, are great for any age and fitness level. You can feel and see the difference in your appearance, strength, and endurance with consistent practice.

Examples of this type of workout include jumping jacks, jumping on blocks, and moves using force and height of the floor. You can do these with just gravity or add pieces of apparatus to make it more interesting. Some as simple and catching a heavy ball being tossed can affect your entire body in many different ways and surprising ways! You do not need to be a seasoned workout person to reap and enjoy the benefits of plyometric exercises.

Any type of jumping and high impact moves should be done with a professional, and being mindful of any previous injuries. With higher impact moves comes higher risk, and safety is right at the top of the list for my clientele. We can slowly work you into some of these moves if you want to try them. They are not necessary for physical fitness by any means…just an option.

To get started properly toward your fitness goals, I will assess your current fitness level and design a variety of exercises, including plyometrics, to help you attain a more fit and healthy YOU.