Personal Trainer in Harlingen | Rio Grande Valley

Meet Margo

Professional Personal Trainer – in Harlingen | Rio Grande Valley Texas

From the very start, my focus was not on quick-and-easy weight loss methods, but on helping my clients develop a healthy lifestyle that they could continue with for the rest of their lives. By combining nutritional counseling with a custom workout regimen, I help you develop healthy habits that are perfectly suited for your lifestyle. One size does not “fit all”.

I’m available to my clients 24/7 (thanks to texting!) who often turn to me for questions regarding fitness, nutrition and meal planning when they need motivation, to catch them from falling off track.

I have a wide array of workout ideas for you so you stay challenged. I am very experienced in guiding novice clients to the right form of exercise to suit your fitness level, as well as seasoned individuals. I can help you push even farther to reach your goals.

My private home studio is in Harlingen, Texas. Many of my clients prefer training in the comfort of their own home, or via Skype and FaceTime. My Rio Grande Valley clients love using Skype when they can’t leave the house; a sitter calls in sick, or they have a car breakdown.

I have multiple certifications including CPR training and am certified for group instruction. If you’d like to get a feel for what my fitness sessions are like, visit my fitness blog and view my FitQuick short workout videos. Then contact me and let’s get started!