Personal Trainer in Harlingen | Rio Grande Valley

Whether you are starting (or re-starting)  your outdoor walking or jogging, I want to remind you all where NOT to do this: on cement. As in the sidewalk. Use the street whenever it is safe to do so, and walk against the traffic. 

Without going into the plethora of foot, calf, hamstring and back issues many of you have had or currently have, suffice it to say, walking on cement will only worsen them. 
Town Lake is great as they have the softer leafy, slightly forgiving trail. Walking paths on most greenbelts and preserve trails, even with their irregular surface, are better for you.  
I strongly suggest you walk on the asphalt, and if feasible, the grassy edge along the sidewalk, versus the sidewalk (if its even-surfaced). Try going from the sidewalk to the street and you’ll feel an immediate difference. 
Ten minutes a day or an hour, or an hour broken in to six 10 minute segments; it matters not. To reduce injury and impact of cement….stay on the street. Yes, this professional personal trainer, is saying “go play in the street”. haha Just be safe about it!
Happy January,