Personal Trainer in Harlingen | Rio Grande Valley

Walking or running in old, worn out shoes can lead to an increase in injury. Over time, they lose their stability, cushion and tread. When asked how often to change, I usually say, being realistic, around 500 miles, plus or minus. When you hit that target of 500 miles depends on how often you wear them, where you wear them, your body weight, walking or jogging, the surface you’re on, and so on. 

So, to keep it simple, estimate your weekly mileage and do the math.  You may be able to milk that pair for a year; if you’re a high mile person, (25 miles or more a week) maybe you’ll need new shoes after 2-3 months. 
Since most of you are not experts in shoe wear and tear, I say go by how they feel. Go by how your feet feel. An easy and important way is to look at the tread wear. If they have worn or bald spots, or lean sideways or forward or backward – it’s time for a new pair. If you are not sure what kind to buy (there are so many) just ask me. . .I’m happy to guide you to the appropriate shoe for you!
Keep your feet happy!