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The answer to the question, what is the best time to workout?

If you know you’re a morning person, or evening person, then that of course is the time you will gravitate toward. If, however, as a morning person you were unable to exercise that morning for whatever reason, then for goodness sakes..step out of that comfort zone…outside the box as they say, and try an afternoon or early eve exercise session instead. You may not like it; it might feel really strange, but the the next day (if not that evening) you’ll go “wow, I’m glad I did that!”
Yes, the same goes for you later day workout people. You know ahead you have an afternoon conflict, and you could go that morning instead, right?  The thought is just absurd to you…but do this. Try it once. I promise you going in the morning, as awful as that may seem to you, will beat the alternative of skipping it altogether.