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Exercise is physical activity. The health benefits of exercise include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, stress relief, strengthens muscles and bones, helps joint flexibility, and, reduces diabetes and heart disease.  Last but not least, exercise burns calories.  

I believe one of the reasons for the increase in obesity is directly related to moving less (duh). Specifically (in my humble opinion) from sitting more at a computer, as I am this very second. Also from shopping on line, rather then by walking through a mall. From texting our neighbor, versus walking to the neighbors house, people movers at airports, and escalators, etc. All those small moments of exercise are now missing, and add up to several pounds per year on your body. This post isn’t about the deliberate, sustained cardio and weight workouts. It’s about the day to day little movements that can also take off several pounds over extended time.  
Wonder how those few pounds crept on? Don’t be surprised if it was a small lifestyle change such as a new job from an office with stairs to single story building. It adds up. 
Small changes you can make to turn around that sneaky weight gain over time:
  • Take the steps instead of the escalator/elevator when just one floor, c’mon now.
  • Park further away from the entrance at grocery store
  • Get up from your desk and walk outside and back, or get up and stretch
  • Do household chores, or clean the house (yourself? omg)
  • Pull weeds
  • Mow the lawn…I find this one particularly therapeutic! 
  • Walk your pet and extra walk or two, they’ll love it; play chase with the cat
  • Put the grocery cart back where it belongs; don’t you dare leave it in the lot. ;-)
  • When you do walk down the hall, walk with purpose, longer strides, faster gait
  • Amensia eating. Of course I was going mention food. The snacks in the community lunchroom at work, eating the leftovers from your kids meals….these are not about movement, but they go hand in hand with why those pounds creep on. 
So, move a little more, each day. A few minutes here and there will add up significantly. 
Happy Day…..move more. Right now. Do it. 
Warm regards,