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Previously under the category Exercise Equipment titled “Weighted Body Bar” I mention a few exercises using this apparatus.  The less complex a piece of equipment is, the more likely you are to use it. Here are just a few demo shots of body toning exercises you can do with a weighted body bar. As always, for the New Year I’m all for using mostly gravity, you and your body, and a minimal amount of apparatus. That said, if you want to add apparatus, this body bar, along with stability and medicine balls and a Bosu, are plenty to get anyone started and fit.  I’ve mentioned these simple exercise tools previously, and will expand on what to do with them more this month.  Here are a few shots of Weighted Body Bar moves.  As always, I’m here for you via email or phone for details on these exercises.

BICEP CURL                                       TRICEP PRESS


BACK ROW                                                            CHEST & SHOULDER PRESS


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