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Shiritaki noodles are pure protein, (yes, attack and pure protein day) and are very low calorie.
WARNING..haha I hear this from everyone..yes, once you open packet it smells fishy, but listen – THESE NOODLES, ESPECIALLY ANGEL HAIR, pick up the flavor of whatever you put with them. I rinse them (just hold your nose) and then put them in skillet with whatever. I start with water, and heavy pour of soy sauce, a heavy pour of sugar free maple syrup, and tossed angle hair in. OH MY..savory sweet!!!!!! The angel hair totally picked up the flavor. Sometimes I do low fat pesto, or red thick marinara sauce, or garlic and onions, and this pasta always picks up the flavor.

So, here is the skillet, with the angel hair, some mushrooms, soy, maple syrup, water, simmering to pick up flavor.

Then I tossed in what I had around: grape tomatoes, brussels I steamed for 2 minutes first and let it all cook for a couple minutes.

Angel Hair Tofu Noodles simmering with vegies

During the simmer above I had salmon with some dry seasoning in my convection oven, on 350 for about 12 minutes.

Salmon with seasoning in Convection 350F 12 minutes

Here is the final plated dinner, of salmon and my noodle vegie side dish. Many of my posts here will have my angel hair as my main dish sort of tossed with a lot more vegies and chicken or lean beef or whatever leftover protein tossed on top. Since I had fresh salmon, I had my noodles/vegies as side dish. NO STARCH the whole meal. Filling, no added fat or sugar.

Grilled Salmon & Shiritaki Angel Hair (Tofu) Pasta