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I admit, this wasn’t an easy habit to get into, yet when I do it, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. I believe many of us “eat with our eyes” first. Even though Dukan and similar programs have no portion restrictions or calorie counting – you will find that you are just as satisfied, on LESS food, and feeling less stuffed, if you include this trick.

Perhaps start with lunch instead of dinner, or do it the first time when you know you aren’t starving (which you shouldn’t be anyway).

This is grilled (actually 10 minutes in the convection) salmon with dry seasoning, and frozen brussel sprouts I nuked. This is no small portion anyway (Cruise Meal and beyond). This dinner is on a salad plate, as you can see the fork in proportion to the plate. My EYES saw this full plate and I like that. Try it. Trust me.

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We “Eat with our Eyes” first, so use a smaller plate.