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pillshotDiet in a bottle? Not!

Many of you might have seen the segment on national TV this morning for Acai berry drink. The segment was debunking this product, and how thousands of duped consumers were writing complaining. Yipppee. You may be getting very compelling (spam) email from “Oprah” and lord knows who else on this and other bottled “diet” miracle drugs. They are FAKES – imitating Oprah; just like people mimic your own email and send you spam from your email!  Anyone trying to sell you weight loss pills, endorsed by any celebrity are fake. Fake like the spam saying “We have 1 million dollars for you; I’m a barrister in London and will pay you to hold it for me”. That kind of fake. All diet emails you get are junk. Yes, fake. Lures. Spring is high season for this kind of  false advertising.  

Weight loss from a bottle does not work. These ads are compelling, especially with photos of famous people and unknowns, before and after. It’s all big lie. Seductive. Untrue. Don’t do it. Your sensibilities tell you not to for many reasons. Permanent and healthy weight loss does not come from a pill. 
Okay, off my soapbox on this one. Just checking with ya’ll to make sure you understand. 
Take care,