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Skip the fattening and bad for you starch, and make this healthy, tasty and EASY substitute. I show you here step by step with photos (I like to see photos step by step when I do something new).

Cut the sides off to give it 4 flat sides. A little skin on it is fine.
Cut quarter inch long rectangles
Cut quarter inch strips
Season if you prefer, mine are plain

I put onion, garlic and bit of marinara in a skillet, then tossed the “spaghetti” in, and let it simmer to the texture I prefer. The longer in the softer of course it gets.

So many ways to vary this, by using marinara, or pesto, or a low or non fat cheese, sour cream, and with various added ingredients (garlic, tofu, meat, mushrooms, peppers, etc.). Infinite possibilities, just as with the fattening kind of starch pasta.

Dukan and Weight Watcher Friendly!

No Starch, Weight Loss Friendly Spaghetti

Cut the Zucchini into Quarter Inch Strips

Water, Marinara, Onion, Mushrooms to Simmering

This is 3 Zucchinis – Just toss, plain, into skillet sauce of your choice

It cooks down to a soft pasta-like texture of your preference. I served with chicken thighs from the grill.