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Dukan “attack” phase is pure protein. “Cruise” phase is alternating every other day pure protein. When you get to maintenance, you will STILL do pure protein days. I am in that phase, and actually look forward to my Pure Protein Day once a week, since I like big quantities~ haha. This is a typical pure protein dinner for me. Sometimes I toss some onion in there, too, as onions ARE allowed on pure protein days. This is my “surf and turf” lean sirloin and salmon. I put McCormicks “Montreal Steak” seasoning on both. This dry seasoning adds such flavor to to already very delicious proteins!

Surf & Turf is a favorite “attack” or Pure Protein meal.

I did the sirloin outside on the BBQ Grill, and the salmon filet I popped into my convection oven. They were both done in 10 minutes. I’m not shy about filling a big plate. I also drink two quarts of water on Pure Protein days.

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