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I never thought I could love cauliflower…until now. I had all this grated cauliflower on hand, so for first time I did the mock mashed thing. To die for. LOVED!!!! I know there are many variations; here is my diet friendly version.

All the ingredients mixed together for Mock Potatoes

Cauliflower grated, one head
Garlic cloves – to taste, I used 4 or 5
Low or Fat Free cheese (I used weight watchers shredded 4 cheese blend)
Fat Free Cream Cheese, 4oz,depending how creamy you want it
Fat Free Sour Cream, 4 oz or less, again, depending how creamy you want it
Green onion and yellow onion, diced
Salt and Papper to taste

I spread the cauliflower on cookie sheet on 350 F for 20 minutes. I roasted the garlic and onion separately in my convection on 350 for ten minutes, then put the onion, garlic, cheese spread out on cooked cauliflower here:

I added the cooked onion and garlic to the cooked cauliflower

Then I spread out the weight watchers low fat four cheese blend and blobs of fat free cream cheese and blobs of fat free sour cream and mixed it all together in bowl.

Last addition, salt pepper, fat free cream cheese, sour cream, weight watchers four cheese blend. Mush it all, heat and serve!