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So, I had a hodge podge of things in my fridge, and wanted a “cruise” meal. Protein, vegies, and to use my Shiritaki Angel Hair (pure protein) noodles. What do to…with wanting it fast as well.

I put water, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar in pan and tossed in what I had in fridge:
Brussel sprouts, grape tomatoes, button mushrooms, half a yellow onion cut up, and the full bag of Angel Hair noodles. I’m telling you, the angel hair hits the pasta fix!

Knowing the noodles pick up flavor well, I did a good pour (probably half a cup) of sugar free maple syrup on top of them and let the whole thing simmer till the onions got soft and brussels tender. A few minutes only. Then I tossed in leftover beef, from the recipe I posted recently “Balsamic crockpot roast”. I cut up some pieces and tossed them in. Then, I had leftover fresh spinach – use it or lose it. I hate tossing out food, so I tossed the rest of that on top, and it wilted really fast. So, this is my “hodge podge” protein and vegie dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy; use whatcha got! I didn’t “need” the beef, since the noodles are portein, I just wanted the beef, too. It’s Dukan after all. Nice large portions, no calorie counting, fully satisfying.

Hodge Podge of Leftovers and staples makes Great “Cruise” meal.