Personal Trainer in Harlingen | Rio Grande Valley

Many people tend to think exercise comes in one form only, meaning painful, dripping sweat and ending up thoroughly exhausted or it wasn’t “exercise”.  NOT TRUE!  Inasmuch as I love for my clients to break sweats and end up blotto, it is not this kind of exercise that is required for everyday well being. 

One of my personal favorites, and one I preach all the time, is to walk  your dog. How wonderful for your pet to get needed exercise and let out some pent up stress. I have often been the voice of the pet to a client or two, asking you – ‘guilting’ you – into taking your pet out for a walk. So many of you reading this have a pet that should be walked, every single day, twice a day (yes! TWICE a day) and you find reasons not to do this. 
This walking benefits you in ways to many to list here, not the least of them heart health and calorie burning. Just like your dog wants you to throw the ball to him/her, your BODY want you to to “throw the ball to it”.  If your body had a voice, it would ask you to move it.  
Your dog doesn’t have a voice either, so if not for you…do it for your pet. No matter the breed or size, your dog loves, wants and NEEDS for you to walk it. Just like your body. Make it a win-win.  
Just do it. 
No excuses. 
Your pet will thank you and your body will thank you. 
Your pet loving trainer,