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These new “vitamin waters” that come in many brand names and variations are an example, to me, of diabolically brilliant marketing. The marketing message is about health, when in reality, these are anything but healthy.  They are often loaded with sugar and flavoring, and contain 100 calories per bottle.  Just take a multivitamin! Furthermore, these waters don’t quench your thirst with those ingredients….they often make your thirst worse. 

Because its “just liquid” it may seem innocuous, so here is math: 
100 calories per day per  bottle
700 calories per week
2800 calories per month:  EQUATES TO:   9.6 pound per year!!!!!!
Drink water, club soda, and behind that, diet soda. At least you won’t wonder how 10 lbs crept on you in 2009. If you have been drinking this or, forbid…regular soda every day, do the math: By just eliminating those calories, you would be 10 pounds (or more) lighter a year from now.