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As you know, I’m all about Lifestyle changes and not quick fixes. I’m for regular (annual) checkups for men & women. On that note, I have to share something I received during my own annual checkup this last week.  It seems so elementary on most levels to me, yet that’s because it’s my world; what I eat, sleep and breathe. Take the time to read this. I’m paraphrasing much of it (so you’ll read it) and feel free to pass it on to those you care about. 

The Health Prescription
The right foods will help you live a longer, healthier life. Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure CAN be controlled or prevented through a healthy diet. Sugar/salt in moderation.
Obesity IS preventable and a high risk factor for many medical problems including those just mentioned. 
All kinds of exercise will help you feel better and maintain a healthy weight, control blood pressure, reduce and control stress, & strengthen muscles and bones. 30 Minutes, 7 days a week. Yes! Everyday, optimally.  It can be housework to walking, and/or include seeing yours truly. ;-)
If you smoke, quit. You can succeed – and live a longer healthier life. It’s the best thing you can do.
ALCOHOL       (I was just going to blog on this one)
If you drink alcohol, do so only in moderation, 1 daily women, 2 for men. I’ll stop there. 
There are many other tips, but these are the ones relevant to my relationship with you all. With Spring comes ideas of outdoors, less clothing, and so on, and I’d rather you see the big picture of lifestyle/health changes now, and for the long haul, versus any quick fix for bathing suit season. 
More soon….and Happy March everyone,