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Do not judge this book by the cover, er, the title. Those reading this who are acquainted with me, understand this is not about dropping a bunch of weight in 5 days; it’s about getting in, and staying ingood blood sugar” in 5 days or less. If you’re going “huh?” to the words “level blood sugar” then you should read this book. It isn’t just about guiding you to successful weight loss and maintenance it’s about health and well being, feeling energetic, and appetite satisfaction and control.

This book precedes The Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, and so many others. Adele Puhn is truly the pioneer (to me) in this category. It’s easy to follow, flexible, (and much like myself), encourages progress – not perfection. It’s not a quick or temporary fix; it is a lifestyle program. Deprivation is not on the menu. I suggest many alternatives to her meal plans/menus with quantity variations for sure, and other food additions not in this book (case by case to my clients) making it that much easier (and convenient) to follow long term for health, weight loss, weight maintenance, well being, and satisfying lifestyle eating.

The copy you see above is the “new” edition; however the original “5 day miracle diet” (without the ‘new’ in title) is perfectly fine.  I suggest using Amazon – search ‘paperback used’ and you can get it to your door for under 5 bucks!  “In Defense of Food” (a book I recommended a couple blogs back) and the  “5 Day Miracle Diet” book, will open your eyes (and life) to well being, prevention of obesity & diabetes and so much more, not to mention lowering your own health care costs by eating well!

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