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nostressStress is a normal part of life, be it physical or mental stress. We’ve all experienced it due to illness, relationship stuff, job loss, death of love ones, daily worries, etc.  Stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, and stiff muscles to name just a few. I’m going to start posting every week, something you can do to help cope with stress. The obvious one I preach is exercise. You ALL know the stress reducing benefits of regular exercise, so I’m not starting there. 

So, the stress reducer du jour is? Pet an animal. Yup, it works. Simple, cheap, good for the soul, heart and mind. Just pet your dog or cat, or a friends pet, just like ya’ll do when you come to my studio. Sometimes I make it part of the gig just to de-stress you. ;-) It works. Happy & Healthy Petting, Margo