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I’m deep breathing as I send this.



Breathe life in. Breathe stress out. Increase energy, improve circulation, send better oxygen to your cells and brain, change your mood, and reduce stress, all by taking a few long, slow deep breaths. Before this became habit for me, I found remembering and doing that first breath the most difficult.  Now I realize, and you will too, it’s mere seconds, and you’ll want that second, and perhaps a third deep breath. You will feel more relaxed, and less stressed immediately after you do this. I promise you. Instant gratification!  

Be still, close your eyes (unless driving) ;-)
  • Take a long slow breath in..and hold it momentarily
  • Purse your lips, making a tiny hole, so it takes you a few seconds to exhale fully
  • Repeat. It works.
You can do this anywhere, anytime, as often as you’d like. 
Happy less stressful Friday, and Happy Spring,