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Okay, here is my de-stress tip for the day. Laugh. Did you chuckle when you opened this post? I bet for that moment you smiled inside or laughed out loud, you felt better. Pretty gutsy of me to put this pik out there, but it’s worth the risk if it worked. (I was in novelty shop with a good friend.) Laughter benefits are no joke. A good sense of humor adds years to your life and life to your years.  Among the benefits of laughter right near the top, is stress relief. 

Laughter increases the endorphins (the feel good stuff) in your brain. Humor improves your immune system, can ease pain, and stimulate muscles and organs in a good way. Being a recipient of a smile (or giving one) reaps benefits, too.

Laugh and smile, even if for just a moment, to relieve stress.

Happy and Healthy Friday,