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Most of you see stair steppers in gyms being used for ‘step’ and aerobic classes. My stepper is primarily used for muscle conditioning and occasional cardio intervals. Today I will demonstrate just a few of my favorite muscle toning uses for a stepper instead of just for group step class.


I’m partial to the Reebok model (shown above) for two reasons. It is non slip with flat edges, and has easy to change detachable gray ‘steps’ to create varying heights that ‘lock’ in place.  When standing on the step for leg squats/lunges shown below, the varying height is a great way to change the intensity.


Below I’m demonstrating a tricep exercise on the left and push up on the right. By adjusting the detachable steps to a higher level would create a deeper more difficult tricep dip. Likewise, if you are just learning to do pushups, a higher level gives you a several inch advantage to enable you to execute this type military pushup.


The stepper can also be used for abdominal work in many ways. Below I’m demonstrating a reverse crunch on a decline, by removing one of the adjustable steps, making the execution more difficult.


These are just a few effective and easy to learn muscle toning exercises to do with the stair stepper. Below is what I substituted for a squat; trying to grab the step for the webcam shot, over and over, until I got it right and got up before the camera snapped the shot!  :-) haha


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