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Low Carb Dukan Cruise Dinner works for all weight loss programs. Pure Protein, Spinach Shiritaki Noodles (I got them from ShopDukanDiet.Com) Rinse and heat is all you have to do with these noodles. Below:

In skillet with a quarter inch of water splashed with balamic and soy sauce, I sauteed sliced portabella mushroooms, grape tomatoes, a few leftover snow peas. I tossed in the spinach noodles and cut up leftover chicken, and microwaved store bought fresh marinara sauce and done! Took under 10 minutes. I served it up and last thing I did was toss on two dollops of fat free sour cream. Season to taste..but the marinara did it for me! Plus the dollops of sour cream added texture and flavor. Dukan Cruise friendly!!!