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There are many articles on the web on this subject, and one I am all too familiar with as many of you know. Sleep..or lack thereof, and the impact this has on your weight. 

Not getting sufficient sleep affects your fat burning ability, your hormones, your basic metabolic rate, your brain function, skin, and on and on. 
I want you to google any variation of : “sleep loss and weight gain”, “How Sleep Loss effects Body Weight” and you will find hundreds of links on the subject with medical validation. 
Moral of the story? Help your health,  and your body weight, and get proper sleep. You will feel and see a difference.  
As many of you know, I am (was) a professional insomniac until about month ago, and without trying, or thinking about it, I have noticed a reduction in my appetite and body weight from finally sleeping 8 hours for the first time in my life!  
Your Austin (now sleeping) Trainer,