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Okay, guys, this one doesn’t apply to you so much, although you should take that fat wallet out of your back pocket when sitting; it’s bad for your low back and posture!

Okay, gals, to those of you who carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag: STOP IT! :-) You do not need the full nine yards of makeup; just leave some stuff in your trunk. Where you are, your car is, most likely. Same for a fat wallet INSIDE your purse. When is the last time you cleaned that thing out anyway, that has at least six expired credit cards?  

If you MUST carry a 12 pound purse, do NOT put it on one shoulder. Even a 5 pound or 3 pound purse. Use the crossover body strap to balance the weight, or carry it under your arm. Worst case, use the shoulder strap but use the same arm, to support the bottom so your shoulder, spine and neck are not taking the load. Having tightness, pain, knots and aches in shoulder, neck, back and spine or hip? Look to that purse first thing, and lighten it up. Here is a Don’t and and Do picture, just for grins. Guys: Carry-on cases and computer cases; same rules.