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As most of you know, one fitness tool I like very much is the Polar brand heart rate watch and chest strap. I prefer this particular model for the watch face number size, its accuracy, and pure ease of use. Simple. No whistles and bells. It reads your pulse/heart rate perpetually, and gives you  your average heart rate when done.  I don’t care for the kind for wrist only (without the chest strap), as they require stillness while you hold a button down; you  don’t have to monkey with the model I prefer at all. It’s automatic; turn it on, and go. Most of you know (if you don’t know, please ask me) what your optimal fat burning, calorie burning, fitness improving cardio heart rate level should be while exercising. 

This tool makes exercise (to me) more fun, more motivating, as you can see exactly where you are while walking, jogging, taking a class, and even at rest, to check out what your heart rate and pulse is. It can make that fat burning workout you do more challenging, since you’ll look at the watch and want to keep it to a certain number for a certain length of time.  If your heart is too high, you can see to bring it down; too low, you can see to amp it up. I’m fine with perceived heart rate, i.e. working at what you think is a 7 or 8 out of 10, but with this toy you can see exactly, if that kind of thing interests you. I recommend Polar brand, model A1 (you can find this older model by googling it) or the newer counterpart, Polar FS1. I have both..I just by the one with free shipping or on sale!!! 

Tick tick tick..Get that Heart moving, and break that sweat!!!

Warm regards,