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No, I’m not quoting from the old television  show The Mod Squad (you have to be at least 35 to get that reference). The complete quote is:

  Out of Sight Out of Mind  (or Out of Sight, Out of MOUTH)

Yes, if you don’t buy junk food, you won’t consume junk food. If you do happen to have a cake, or bag of candy laying around for whatever reason, PUT IT IN THE CUPBOARD!!! 
You will be WAY less likely to graze on the item in question if it is tucked away, versus on the counter in plain view, beckoning your name every time you cruise by. 
My suggestion if you must buy something to have that’s “junk” (which is okay if you know my program) buy it in SMALL quantity. Individual servings. One packet. One slice. ENJOY!  
Just this one habit change alone, can have significant impact on weight loss and well being.
Happy Friday,