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Many of you follow Dukan, many of you follow a version of Dukan. No matter what program you follow for weight loss and weight maintenance, you must understand the slimming effects of oat bran. Oat Bran (it’s not wheat, AND it comes gluten free) is king when it comes to appetite satisfaction, as it has a high fiber content! Oat Bran is heart-healthy and cholesteral lowering, low in calories, tastes great, and easy to bake so many things with or to sprinkle on yogurt and cottage cheese, etc.

It helps with the assimilation of sugars – keeping your blood sugar levels low and stable.

Besides the daily pancake (my recipe is at this blog) and muffins, and Dukan bars and cookies, I often make a cake. This cake pictured here, is made from oat bran. Recipe also at this blog. No added fat, sugar, flour. Oat bran, fat free plain yogurt, fat free cream cheese, egg, sugar free maple syrup, stevia, and done. On top Fat and Sugar free toppings.

I broke a record at the doctors office for highest HDL (the good cholesterol). I’m 133. JUST MY HDL. Oat Bran has helped me lose the weight I never could and keep it off. It’s my go to food when I want something satisfying. Read this link on Oat Brans Benefits:

My Oat Bran based Dessert..looks good, huh?

For weight loss and great cholesterol, eat oat bran. Every Day!