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…only bad clothing. I’ve said this in a previous post about cold and rainy weather, so today, given the Austin climate du jour, I’ll address hot weather.  Barring any particular health issue precluding you from exercising outside, I say never let the heat stop you from moving outside. Obviously be hydrated, use sunscreen, and wear appropriate clothing. You might think it’s cooler to  have your skin exposed on a hot sunny day; not necessarily so! What I’m holding in this photo (this particular one is by Nike..but any brand works) is called Dri-Fit. That’s Nike’s spin on it. Others call it Wick clothing, as it pulls body moisture into the material, actually cooling you and keeping the direct sun off your skin. Google it and learn! 

So, don’t let the sun, humidity or rising temps wherever you are, particularly here in Austin, stop you from enjoying being outside. There’s no such thing a bad weather, just bad clothing!


Take care,