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Shiritaki noddles are the bomb. Whole foods carries these in tofu section, and ANGEL HAIR is the one to get. The noodles are skinny and pick up the flavor of anything you add. I have a few posts here of my No Carb Shiritaki meals.
Today’s was easy peasy. Rinse the noodles. TRUST ME, that fish smell is just the liquid.. then it vanishes after you rinse.

I putabout 4 ounces of fat free cream cheese in a bowl. Nuked till soft. Added splash of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce, and it got nice and creamy. Add other spices you like (i.e.dry or wet spicy mustard, garlic, chili, etc.).
Toss the shiritaki noodles in bowl, stir and microwave till hot.

Add in more protein, as I did. I had leftover chicken and salmon so I tossed in both. Here is a photo as I put the salmon/chicken in, then stirred, nuked some more and voila! Delicious and pure protein!

Add veggies in as well, or as side dish, or serve with salad. OPTIONS!
No CARB pasta