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Surprise, this is the GOOD kind of Muffin Top!  I made my Dukan Diet Oat Bran muffins, but DOUBLED the amount I use per muffin slot.  Just bake them until they are  golden, or to your liking. I think these are SO much more fun and enjoyable doubled up to get a nice firm “muffin top”.  Using the ingredients in my recipe here at this blog, keeps them very diet friendly. It’s only extra oat bran, which is good for you!

Don’t these look good! Non Fat, Non sugar, No Preservatives.  Here is my original recipe, just about doubled. You can add extra of ANY ingredient to make them bigger and keep them weight  loss friendly. That’s the beauty of the recipe:

Dukan Diet and Weight Watcher Friendly Muffins with Tops!

Great Warm or Cool, Break into pieces into Greek Yogurt, Num!