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Yes: 100 calories PER DAY more then you need equals = 10.5 POUNDS A YEAR

So, knock OFF 100 calories and day, and get the drift?

I know, this really hits a button with many of you, and I’ve talked on it quite a bit. I realize during the holidays, consumption of liquid calories can go up exponentially.  This is not just in the form of alcohol, either. Eggnog (num), punches, soft drinks, extra cold-weather visits to S-bucks, and the like. 

In January when you notice holiday weight gain, it is often damage from these above, not food. If you want to better ensure you don’t add to your body weight, plan a bit ahead.  When you know you are going to imbibe that day or hitting a party that night…I’m not saying don’t enjoy – just CUT BACK on food calories somewhat that day, and the next day, to offset the liquid calories. Move a little more (yes, exercise) more that day and the next. 
I could list the calorie numbers here that seem so innocent; a couple glasses of wine, a margarita, a rum and coke (even diet coke) and it just might bum you out to see how much it adds up to.  The good news? Knocking off that extra glass of wine, beer, margarita or soft drink can have a major impact the other way!!!! Over a few weeks time of cutting back, you could easily see a weight loss, since these liquid calories really add up. Take half away? Watch what happens – let alone topping that with healthier eating and regular exercise. Voila!