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I’ve posted about using caution when buying equipment, so it doesn’t end up being a coat rack. I’ve also posted on equipment hawked on TV that doesn’t work in real life. I stand by my philosophy that you don’t need apparatus to get in – or to stay in shape. Equipment just makes it more interesting and fun, and helps with muscle ‘confusion’ (see previous posts about confusion).

I purchased “Leg Magic” more out of curiosity (and the fact  it was big time on sale).  Just like the informercial and shopping channel show, it is to be done for only brief spurts, i.e. 15-30 seconds perhaps and then up to one minute. Not a long time.  After using this Leg Magic with many clients, I have learned that this gadget, like many, works best when taught by a professional. There are nuances to using it that can make it effective, or, maybe painful and not effective. These nuances are not discussed on the DVD or on the commercials (or maybe it’s just my particular precision with such things and it’s how I personally would explain it).

Bottom line, I give it a 4 out of 5. Not bad, huh? The workout DVD that comes with it is done with intervals getting on and off Leg Magic, doing complementary, full body toning segments. That part I like.

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