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I’ve posted on logging what you eat, what to not do while eating, and about not “eating your workout” (that one is worth a reminder read….that insidious, unconscious habit we have of eating more then normal ‘cuz we worked out’). 

This post is about what TO eat for a change, yippee!!!  Sort of. I should have titled this post “filling the void”. 
In a nutshell, many of you will want, say, a Hershey bar. BUT…to stop yourself from having that bar, you will eat extra chicken, an apple, perhaps a handful of nuts, sugar free pudding, and other ‘healthy’ whatever to fill the void of the candy bar you really want!  In the meantime, you’ve ingested 1000 calories of so-called “healthy” food, when you should have just “filled the void” and had the 300 calorie candy bar. 
Is this a get out jail free card?  A pass to do this all the time? No. But I’ll tell you what. If you feel deprived for whatever reason, and want that THING..whatever it is, I suggest you have it, and get right back on track the next meal, the next day, do a little extra cardio, stay on plan. The ‘thing” isn’t fatal. What is fatal, is eating 3 times the calories to try to fill up, when it wasn’t the the full stomach you wanted. It was the “thing”. Having even a little bit of the ‘thing’ will do the trick.  Instead of a whole muffin? Half. On that note, buy your “thing” in SMALL quantities, and/or keep it out of sight. 
I’m a pro at buying one pastry, taking a few bites, and tossing the rest. Why? I got my enjoyment out of it. Why force the whole thing down and feel awful, right? Hey, it takes practice, but the way you feel later? SO worth it. 
Moderation, not deprivation…
Always here for you all,