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You’ve all heard of jumping rope or skipping rope, and probably did it as a kid. Well, we’re all just big kids, so think about incorporating it back into your exercise routine.  Right away many of you may think “but my knees”. Jumping two-footed lessens the single leg impact that occurs when running, and is done in short spurts to start. Jumping and/or skipping with the rope strengthens your shoulders and arms, and last but not least, it strengthens your heart. Those few seconds (and that is where you start, a few seconds) will relieve stress immediately, and help build coordination.  With practice you can skip rope for longer periods of time, and get a fabulous aerobic workout and burn major calories.

You can do it with your kids as it works for all ages and fitness levels. Jumping rope is perfect when combined with other activities such as walking, strength, and flexibility training.

I prefer the beaded type, shown above, since it’s light, easy to adjust, and is slippery on most any surface.

Okay, I tried to get a shot of me in motion; even smiling!!!!   jumpingrope

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