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Starting right about now, television infomercials and shopping channels start the big push for exercise equipment. I’ve spoken on this subject in a prior blog, about IMPULSE buying, and it’s worth a reminder. These ads are so compelling and seductive. Just this morning I saw one by a company, with heart breaking stories of family in Iraq, depressed women at amusement parks with kids, all designed to get you to believe this object they are selling will change your being in these situations and your life as a whole.

DON’T SUCKER IN! No single piece of anything, no board, no ball, no rope or bar, will shrink your body 5 sizes without calorie reduction, via nutrition or added significant exercise and cardio movement on your part.
Many of these are fun, and yes, will offer muscle toning benefit. Just think first. Ask yours truly first, and don’t believe there is any one magic toy like these commercials show.
It ain’t rocket science, everyone. It’s determination, motivation, and as I say, lifestyle changes that stick!  Let me guide and help you if there is something you see that you think will work for you, before you leap and buy. I love my toys here in my studio as you know, BUT, they are in addition to LIFESTYLE changes you make, and other work we do as  team to motivate and get you to where you want to be and stay.
Now get out there and use your legs and body to walk, jog, take dog round the block, push the stroller, etc. Everyday. ;-)
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