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I realize many of you experience pain in your lower back on occasion (or more then on occasion) and I have addressed treating your own back in a previous blog entry. Today I’m giving you a visual of the basic relief exercises to do if the book I recommended isn’t handy, but access to the internet is; click on this blog.

Lay down first, as shown here, holding for a few seconds and taking some deep breaths to RELAX removing tension.  Turn head to one side; arms beside your body.layingdown1

Now place your elbows below your shoulders leaning on forearms. Hold this for a couple minutes and take deep breaths to RELAX low back muscles.


Only after these two above, commence by pressing yourself up to straighten your elbows, RELAXING your torso, pelvis and legs allowing yourself to sag. Hold for a second or two, lower and repeat several times. You may maintain the up position longer, if any discomfort starts to wane, and low back starts to relax.


In the event you are unable to lay down where you are, do this standing back extension; although it may not be as effective as laying down, it will absolutely help. It is also effective in the prevention of further low back issues. Keep knees straight, feet slightly apart, maintain backbend for a moment or two then repeat going further to maximum degree.


Take care of your back, and it will take care of you!

Warm regards,