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Above: Extend one arm and opposite leg and hold.     Balance on one leg; make sure cat helps.

Balance and symmetry is what you experience when you are at rest, “static”. Imbalance and asymmetry are what you would most likely experience during activity. It is good for people of all ages to disrupt that natural tendency of even, symmetrical “dynamic” movement; the place most of us are familiar and comfortable.

Simply stand on one leg to begin. Besides what we do here in my studio, you may find hundreds of links on the web for balancing exercises; yoga people are already familiar I’m sure.  The benefits are wide-ranging from practicing asymmetrical workouts (using one limb at a time) and balance exercises. Not the least of the benefits will be improved core strength. Notice the first time you stand on one leg how wobbly you feel; now pull in your abs and notice how you steady up real quick-like.


Pictured above: V-SIT FOR CORE STRENGTH AND BALANCE, with Sara Belle

Once you become more proficient at the one leg stance, you can incorporate your arm and leg weights with asymmetrical positions. That is, working one leg or arm at a time, while balancing. You will notice balance improvement very quickly as all your muscles adapt to this new challenge.

Benefits of asymmetrical weight workouts are discovering and correcting any strength imbalances; you may feel like your right arm is stronger, or your left leg works harder then your right. It will also intensify your workout, and challenge your center of gravity. Try both; asymmetrical weights while balancing on one leg as shown below. Again, make sure the cat is watching. haha


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