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We all see them, especially this particular week just before New Year’s Day. Shopping channels and infomercials persuading you; tempting and convincing you that the contraption on screen is exactly what you need to get you to look just like the person demonstrating it. Not!

Don’t do it! I’m not saying they’re ALL crapola and that all of them never work. I’m saying most of them are crapola, and most will end up being dust collectors. I’m all for contributing to the economy right now. Just do not contribute in this manner, as you will see very little return for your investment. 
Ask me first. Many of you know I’m all for using apparatus for fun, effectiveness, and to keep things challenging and interesting. I’m a fitness professional, and use these things in YOUR best interest. The stuff you see on television may not be the right fitness equipment for you, as inexpensive, appealing and convincing the advertisement may seem.  
Start with making lifestyle changes without purchasing unnecessary fitness equipment. Take a brisk walk, ride that bike hidden behind the boxes in garage, and quit fast food meals.  Do these things instead of impulse buys from fake commercials.  
Happy and Healthy 2009 to you all!