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I’m still shocked at totally inept articles on exercise and nutrition in generally accepted “smart” publications, hence my “what the?” expression above.  I’m reading an article in Time Magazine about appetite post exercise, and frankly, once I calm down I’m going to write a doozy editorial to the author and maybe Time will publish it (not holding my breath).

In a nutshell, the author suggests it is because of her exercising she gains weight. WHAT????  That is, she eats junk that she normally would not have because she exercised. THAT reason itself, is frankly junk. Just because SHE has no self control or discipline, does not negate the fact that exercise physically, chemically, suppresses appetite.

I’ve spoken to many of you about the possibility of weight gain by “eating your workout” (see my blog post “eating your workout!”). It is not uncommon to AT FIRST think “well, I worked out so now I can eat X”. When, but for the fact you exercised, you would NOT have eaten X. I understand the desire to eat X (often junk), mentally and/or emotionally, because you exercised. However, what “X” is, is entirely up to YOU!!!!  You choose. You can choose a healthy snack, or you can choose cake. Most likely, you’re just thirsty. I digress, see my previous blog post “Thirst as Hunger”. Wanting to eat when really your body wants water, especially after exercise.

After that first week or two of starting to exercise, most who fell into “eating their workout” fell just as quickly OUT of it. They returned to their previous calorie consumption (or less,) and with the addition of exercise and eating habit changes, lost weight. Duh, right?! Ergo the “use common sense” expression I’m trying to depict here below, about exercise and eating properly and choice. commonsense

Fact: Intense exercise suppresses the appetite.  Exercise increases energy expenditure and can stimulate you to make up for calories burned. What you eat is your choice. Exercise will influence appetite differently from one person to the next. In general, the higher your body temperature; the more intense the exercise, the more appetite suppression you will experience.

I stand by the fact that even short bouts of moderate to intense exercise each day shifts the hunger and energy requirement balance and makes for longer term consistent weight loss and maintenance.

Take care,