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You’ve all heard the 8×8 rule.  Drink 8 glasses of water, at least 8 ounces each. There is no scientific study to support this, and the truth is, it really depends on your lifestyle. It depends on your nutrition, where you live waterblog1(climate) your health, your exercise output, what other beverages or medications you take, and so on. On average, water takes up 60% of you, and this water provides moisture and carries nutrients, etc. I won’t bore you with details; you can google that. Simply put, if you feel thirsty, drink. A few glasses a day are sufficient for most of you. Remember, too, for those focused on weight loss: Thirst will often rear its head as hunger, when really you’re just thirsty. Just have a glass of water to kill what you think are hunger pangs. 

Now, go drink a glass; just gulp it and get it over with…that’s my personal preference! Ha