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I’m going to address one particular do and don’t here today:  SWEETS!

This is the week where everyone is bringing candy and baked goods to work, the gym even (yes, I see instructors and trainers do this, it annoys me), as gifts from friends, and as hostess gifts to dinner parties,etc. MODERATION is key. What you see in my hand?  NOT moderation. I got this today, for FREE. It came as a gift with purchase, so to speak, and it is going right in my freezer (out of sight out of mind, remember that!!!).


Remember what I just said above: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Keep sweets OFF of your kitchen countertop and off your desk. You will avoid that amnesia, unconscious nibbling if you do this. A few more tips:

1) Don’t have sweets on an empty stomach. Eat NORMALLY this week in particular, especially breakfast, so you are set up to be in good blood sugar, to help keep those cravings for sugar ‘in sight’ at bay.

2) Don’t skip lunch to “save calories” if you ate candy or baked goods mid morning. I digress, eat lunch to tame the sugar buzz from stuff you may have tried, so come later afternoon you don’t feel the enemy beckoning “eat me….c’mon…eat some more….”. SELF-CONTOL IS VERY DIFFICULT WHEN YOU ARE IN ‘BAD’ BLOOD SUGAR. EAT REGULAR FOOD, AND YOU WILL EAT LESS SUGARY STUFF.

3) Drink water. Sweets will make you thirsty, and thirst will feel like hunger (it’s mostly just thirst)

4) Last but not least. MODERATION. Have a holiday treat you love. Don’t eat stuff just because it’s there; be discriminating. But DO have it. Have what you love. A piece of cake. A cookie or two. A few candies. It won’t kill you, or throw off your weight loss if that is the goal. MODERATION. BE DISCRIMINATING. BE IN GOOD BLOOD SUGAR by not skipping regular healthy meals this week and next, and all will be just fine.

Take care,