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I like time-saving, easy and delicious salads, so I use:

Pre-Washed Greens
Pre-cut veggie skewers (zucchini, pepper, mushroom, summer squash)
Salmon or chicken that I grill fresh or reheat
Dressing made in the bowl first, then tossed with above.

Dressing: Make in bowl before putting in above:
2-3 tablespoons of fat free yogurt, splash of balsmaic and soy sauce, mix in bowl.

Toss in greens, and I like the skewered veggies put on hot for a warm salad
Toss on cherry tomatoes and greens MIX WITH DRESSING FROM BOTTOM

Toss on hot salmon or chicken or whatever. DONE!

Warm Cold Salad Meal

Warm Cold Salad Meal