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Activity is a necessity for most of us in this world, yet in our society, backache is the most common musculoskeletal ailment and cause for inactivity. These McKenzie exercises are different than the usual programs focused on muscle strengthening. These exercises are focused at improving the structure and metabolism of the soft tissues, including the discs. This treatment can be done by YOU, and requires very little effort. Over the years I have regularly practiced McKenize exercises for “healing your own neck”. I consider these movements lifelong; part of my lifestyle for soft tissue and spine health.

Since these are not just for curing, but also for maintenance and prevention,  I do many of these with several of you already for neck and back health. I am pleased to recommend these books “Treat Your Own Back” and “Treat Your Own Neck” by Robin McKenzie.  If you are experiencing pain now, in your lower back and legs and/or  neck, these exercises can improve your quality of life dramatically, often without surgery. How many of you have neck and upper shoulder pain?  I use to, until I healed my own neck.


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