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Stuck? Need Gift Ideas?


Many of us experience difficulty in shopping for family and friends.  Another thing we all experience? Receiving gifts we will NEVER use.  A client of mine suggested I share this with you here. Spare friends and family the expen$e of giving you an unwanted gift. Instead, try what she did and suggest a Gift Certificate from One-on-One Personal Fitness Training! I do them every year for people surprising significant others or friends. They aren’t just for new people to get them started; it makes a great gift for someone already committed to fitness and health, who’d love to get one session, or a week of sessions or more, as a holiday gift.  I can mail it or you can pick it up! What better gift to give someone then an investment in their health and well being.

May I also suggest the following gift ideas! A book about the food industry to fascinate and educate, “In Defense of Food” or “The 5 Day Miracle Diet” a book about ending cravings and eating for life long health.











Another great fitness gift idea is exercise bands! They’re affordable, fun, light, easy to store, and work great for body strengthening and toning, and travel easily!  bands

Last but not least, for the beginner walker to hard core runner, give them a “Polar” brand heart rate watch and strap for keeping track of their heart rate perpetually, and to track time and exercise intensity!






All these are great gifts that show you care not only about  them, but their health and well being too!  Hope these  ideas help make your shopping easier!


Take care,