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As most of you know, I’m usually wearing my Fit Flops. Again, I get nothing for endorsing these, I just have first-hand experience of their benefit. If you regularly wear ‘traditional’ thin and flat flip flops, and also have any foot, knee or back issues, (in which case you probably shouldn’t wear those flips) a better alternative is wearing Fit Flops.

The first time I put them on it felt like walking on clouds. They are light and supportive and provide cushion from impact when walking or standing…two things I do A LOT of.

I do NOT buy into any claims about “fitness” related to these shoes regarding improved leg strength/tone. I DO buy into the support and comfort they offer, and suggest you bag your flip flops, for a pair of Fit Flops.

Just google it for many on line stores and a variety of styles for women and men, or to find where they are sold locally to try a pair first. I own a couple different styles, so feel free to email me since I favor certain things about certain styles.

Warm regards,

Margo                                             fitflopon