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When you see Fat Free on a label is that a good thing? Depends. 

For the most part, I would prefer you buy the real deal. That is, buy the regular versus the fat free alternative. Why? The fat free alternative in the vast majority of cases just as more sugar. Less FAT, yes, but more sugar, or something sweet, to make it taste good.  Fat is NOT the enemy causing you to crave….it’s the sugar. I could go on and on here and explain in detail, but for purposes of your next grocery trip: go ‘regular’ when the alternative is the same product you always purchased, only now made “new” by making it “low fat”. 
This is not hard and fast…there are many exceptions I will go into later on “light” “low calorie”, etc. For now, just pay attention to the label,  note the carb/sugar grams, and you may be surprised to see how much sugar is the new low or no fat version. 
Happy shopping!