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This exercise starts with a pose in yoga called “Crow”. You may of done this as a kid – it still reaps the same benefits of upper body strength, core strength, balance and flexibility.

Shown top Left, “Crow” – start by balancing your knees on your elbows. Hint: Engage your abs!
This takes practice but feels great once you nail it! Hold for a second or two..then Shown Top Right..JUMP BACK without hitting floor! The second challenge! I’ll do a video of this in near future. I went from “Crow” directly into plank by popping my legs straight back.

Then – Bottom Left I did a pushup, and finished in Plank, Bottom Right.

Mastering this move will really boost your balance, strength and confidence.

Challenging and Effective Move for full body tone, strength, balance and flexibility.

Have fun with this one!