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It drives me nuts when companies use the word ENERGY to sell drinks and bars. They come in nice brightly colored packaging of cobalt blue and purple. They have lightening bolts and photos of people sky diving and simulating fast motion and fun, fun, fun.

When the label says “energy” I want you to NOT buy it. If something says “energy drink” or “energy bar” you couldn’t make me ingest it.  It will be loaded with something I don’t want in my body, nor should it be in yours.  That most likely is a LOT of added SUGAR –  or worse, High Fructose Corn Syrup, along with caffiene and more sugar (both disguised with another name to trick you).  Go ahead and google high fructose corn syrup…it’s illegal in any food product in most countries but NOT this country.

Nutrition Labels

I’m keeping this blog post to the point. Do NOT buy anything being marketed with the word “energy” on it.

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